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Pediatric Dentistry In Apex, North Carolina

Dr. David Draper simply wants to be the best dentist your family will ever visit!
He is dedicated to creating the most fun, anxiety-free and painless appointment possible. After having some rough pediatric dentist appointments as a kid, Dr. David had every reason to be afraid of dentists himself. He came up with a treatment style to make going to the dentist less scary and more enjoyable. Dr. David graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with an emphasis in oral surgery and ever since then he’s been on a mission to make dental care a better experience for everyone he can.

Gentle Pediatric Dentistry In Apex

No More Yucky!


When you or your child comes in for your regular cleaning and check up, we may recommend a topical fluoride application, depending on your dental health history. Conventional fluoride treatment is administered as a gel or foam that is given to you in a u-shaped tray and then soaks for several minutes. While this is generally effective – it does have some limitations: the gel or foam usually washes away quickly in the presence of saliva, lessening the benefits of fluoride.


Better 6-Month Exams For Kids

At Better Dental in Apex, “gentle” is more than just a buzzword. When we say that we provide gentle care, we mean compassionate, personal care that always puts you child first. At Better Dental, pediatric cleanings include the things your child needs for a clean smile, in an experience that’s tailored for their comfort. From cleaning paste that tastes yummy instead of yucky to fluoride treatments that taste like fruit, we know what kids like. Whether their teeth are perfect before there was too much Halloween candy last year, this is a judgement-free zone. We promise to respect your child’s comfort level and gently teach them how to clean and care for their teeth. Better Dental kids often say the love coming to the dentist!


Better Cavity Prevention

Anti-cavity sealants are a nontoxic, resin coating placed in the deep grooves in your child’s back teeth to seal out any germs and food that would cause tooth decay. These sealants serve as a barrier to cavity-causing plaque, and they are painless, safe, efficient, easy-to-apply, long-lasting and very cost effective.

Frenectomy: Tongue-tie and Lip-tie Revision

Gentle Just For The Littles

Some children are born with a significant degree of tongue or lip restriction. When untreated it can interfere with nursing or speech development. With laser surgery, treating children with tongue and lip restriction is easier and less painful than ever. Better Dental is the leader in quick and comfortable laser frenectomies for infants and children. We’ve even helped infants as young as 24 hours old to gain the ability to nurse.

Happy Patient at Dental Clinic

A Fun Family Dentist

We’ve built a little fun into the lobby and our treatment rooms just for kids. Many Batter Dental kids say they love coming to the dentist and here's why!

  • Netflix in every room: SpongeBob? Maybe anime? We have your child’s favorite show ready to go.
  • Some kids just like music: Our Pandora Radio has just the playlist for your child's enjoyment.
  • Try our iPad games: The Angry Bird doesn't have a chance!
  • Toys & books for kids: It's more of a kids lounge than a waiting room.
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What Kids Want

  • Cozy warm fleece blankets: It’s just one of the many ways we look out for your child's comfort at Better Dental.
  • Memory foam pillows: Don’t worry, we’ll wake them up when it’s time to go home.
  • Is your child rumbly in their tumbly? Before their appointment, your child can enjoy complementary snacks and drinks on us!
Contact or visit Better Dental today for all your family’s every dental care need!

After Their Dentist Appointment

Kids receive an enchanted doubloon used get to claim their prize from our alluring majestic prize tower!

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Our Specialty Services

Your dentists at Better Dental in Apex are proud to restore healthy smiles with implant dentistry!
Are you living with the loss of one or more teeth? Don’t let tooth loss keep you from smiling with pride! Our experienced implant dentists can help you overcome tooth loss and enjoy a healthy, confident smile again. 
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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants
You can trust our team at Better Dental in Apex to give you the best smile possible!
Do you want to restore your broken, damaged, or stained teeth? Our skilled dental team is here for you! We offer the full range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services you need to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile!
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Giving You A Beautiful Smile with Full Mouth Restoration
Let Better Dental in Apex help you achieve the healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of!
Are you ready to straighten your teeth? We can help! Our smile-transforming experts provide Invisalign treatment to create perfect smiles. Invisalign is an ideal treatment for adults and teens who want to achieve straight, healthy teeth without the need for braces.
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Transforming Your Smile with Invisalign
Better Dental in Apex offers convenient crowns to restore your teeth in just one visit!
Do you want to repair a damaged tooth? You’ll smile again in no time with Better Dental! Our dental care specialists use the latest technology to provide same-day crowns, bridges, and more. In just one visit, we can repair and restore your tooth to give you back your smile.
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Restoring Your Smile with Same-day Crowns
our specialty Services
our specialty Services

Better Dental Is Simply Better

In a nutshell Better Dental is just better dentistry. Judgement free and worry free, better dentistry is about providing top quality dental care that is actually fun. Our patients look forward to their next dentistry appointment. Your cleanest, whitest smile is with in reach.


With flexible scheduling, online booking, and an in-network status with most major dental insurance, we make it easy to get the dental care you need. We also offer plenty of parking.


We make Better Dental a place where everyone feels at home. So, relax and take advantage of some of our complimentary amenities such as soft pillows, warm blankets and more.


Getting back in the habit of seeing the dentist is a good thing and we think it should be judgement free. If you are concerned about pain talk to us about sedation dentistry.


With our casual atmosphere, customizable Pandora Radio, and Netflix available in each room, we do all we can to make going to the dentist FUN!


When itis time to pay your bill, don't worry. Better Dental also offers better cost management, billing and financing.

Five-star Reviews

Five-star service isn’t enough. Surprising extras will make your experience unforgettable: 24-hour live support, in room guitar serenades, and fresh-baked signature chocolate-chunk cookies.
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Pediatric Dentistry In Apex

If you’re not sure what procedure would address your child's concerns, our dentists will give you recommendations. Whatever option you choose, trust that our seasoned dentists will give your child a beautiful set of pearly whites.

On top of that, you’ll enjoy your visit to our dental facilities. We have:

  • Lots of parking spaces
  • Netflix, Pandora Radio, warm blankets, and pillows
  • Anxiety-free check-ups

Let’s get you a winning smile! Book an appointment today.

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