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Low Radiation Dental Digital X-Rays
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Great Results From Safe Technology

X-ray technology is truly a marvel of medical science. It has saved and improved millions of lives. And, fortunately for us, these days we are aware of the danger of excessive radiation, and we know how important it is to limit our exposure to radiation (just ask Madame Curie). So it only makes sense that Better Dental would offer an innovative new form of digital X-ray technology: Enter the Nomad 2, Low-Radiation Handheld X-Ray System. Compared to conventional film X-rays, digital X-ray sensors reduce radiation exposure by five fold! The dose from a single digital X-ray can be as low as the radiation you would get naturally from eating 10 bananas.

Getting It Right The First Time Fewer Retakes = Less Radiation

Our digital sensors create an image which is sharp and clear when compared to conventional X-ray technology, making our re-takes less frequent. Along with offering improved diagnostic ability, our X-rays can be taken while your dental professional stands right next to you in your treatment suite which makes for a quicker (and more comfortable!) experience. Our guests come from all around the Raleigh area to take advantage of Better Dental’s low-dose digital X-rays with high-quality imaging. The real beauty behind the Nomad 2 Low Radiation X-Ray System is its clarity and controlled radiation.

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Conventional Radiation Dose Vs. Better Dental Digital

Radiation exposure is measured in Sv (Sieverts). One Sievert is the approximate dose necessary to cause acute radiation sickness. For dental X-rays, we measure radiation in microsieverts (µSv) which is one millionth of a Sievert.

X-ray Radiation Doses

Did you know that we encounter many doses of radiation naturally in our day-to-day lives? Background radiation from the earth, sun and cosmos are responsible for the majority of radiation our bodies absorb. The remainder is caused by man made sources such as air travel, diagnostic X-rays, nuclear energy, and consumer products. Even humans and animals are slightly radioactive – meaning that, just the act of sharing a bed with your spouse will expose you to an additional 20 µSv every year (a harmless amount).

But, when it comes to radiation dangers, you’re much more likely to get skin cancer from repeated sunburns than to suffer X-ray induced cancers. One X-ray exposure from the Better Dental’s Low Radiation X-Ray System is about 1 µSv — which is only 1/17 part of your average daily dose, and it is approximately the same amount of radiation you would get naturally from eating 10 bananas, or sharing your bed with another person for 20 nights.

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Our Specialty Services

Your dentists at Better Dental in Apex are proud to restore healthy smiles with implant dentistry!
Are you living with the loss of one or more teeth? Don’t let tooth loss keep you from smiling with pride! Our experienced implant dentists can help you overcome tooth loss and enjoy a healthy, confident smile again. 
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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants
You can trust our team at Better Dental in Apex to give you the best smile possible!
Do you want to restore your broken, damaged, or stained teeth? Our skilled dental team is here for you! We offer the full range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services you need to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile!
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Giving You A Beautiful Smile with Full Mouth Restoration
Let Better Dental in Apex help you achieve the healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of!
Are you ready to straighten your teeth? We can help! Our smile-transforming experts provide Invisalign treatment to create perfect smiles. Invisalign is an ideal treatment for adults and teens who want to achieve straight, healthy teeth without the need for braces.
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Transforming Your Smile with Invisalign
Better Dental in Apex offers convenient crowns to restore your teeth in just one visit!
Do you want to repair a damaged tooth? You’ll smile again in no time with Better Dental! Our dental care specialists use the latest technology to provide same-day crowns, bridges, and more. In just one visit, we can repair and restore your tooth to give you back your smile.
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Restoring Your Smile with Same-day Crowns
our specialty Services
our specialty Services
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