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Gum Shaping And Contouring For A More Confident Smile
It’s time to stop feeling self-conscious about your gums. Schedule your laser gum shaping treatment today.

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Professional Laser Dentistry In Cary, NC

You aren’t alone in feeling self-conscious about your smile. Some people with gummy smiles wish their gums were just a little bit smaller, and their teeth a little bit bigger. Some people practice a close-lipped smile because they don’t like how uneven their gums look, or how their gums protrude. Better Dental has a solution for these.

Our Cary clinic provides professional gum shaping and contouring services that make you more confident in your smile. We use the latest technology in laser dentistry to give you a beautiful smile you deserve.

Our laser-assisted gum shaping service is a comfortable and quick-healing way to address small teeth, uneven gums, and protruding gums. Our doctors are experienced in the latest dental technologies and treatments, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Just lay back on the dental chair, and we’ll improve your smile.

If you’re concerned about treatment costs, just let us know. We have a 99% financing approval rate so you’re laser gum contouring might just be more affordable than you thought! Call us today for a consultation.

How Does Laser Gum Reshaping Improve Your Smile?

There’s more to a beautiful smile than straight, white teeth. Your gums play a huge role in how your smile looks. For example, an individual with naturally straight teeth might have a more visible gum line than they’d prefer, resulting in a gummy smile. There’s nothing wrong with how it looks, but it can affect the person’s self-esteem.

At Better Dental, we want you to be satisfied with your smile. We want you to proudly show it off. So if you’re bothered by excessive gum tissue or visibly small teeth, we conduct laser gum contouring to revise your gum line. Gum tissue is easy to reshape, making the procedure minimally painless. As for your teeth, we generally leave them alone for this procedure. But at the end of the day, you’ll still get your ideal smile.


Excess Gum Tissue

gummy smile before


Normal Gum Tissue

gummy smile after
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Why Choose Better Dental For Gum Shaping And Contouring?

From people who feel mildly uncomfortable with their gummy smiles to people who are constantly bothered by protruding gums, our dental clinic in Cary has seen it all. And because we want you to smile bigger and better, we provide professional laser dentistry that safely and effectively addresses your gum-related concerns.

Our seasoned doctors and friendly staff know exactly what to do to help you regain your confidence. Additionally, our clinic offers these things that will make your visit fun and rewarding:

  • Convenient scheduling over the phone or online
  • Lots of parking spaces for you outside our office
  • Judgment-free environment and anxiety-free check-ups
  • Warm blankets and soft pillows to keep you comfortable
  • Cookies, chips, and beverages while you wait
  • Netflix and Pandora Radio to help you relax

We make you feel at ease on the dental chair. You’ll feel satisfied after every visit. Book an appointment today.

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our specialty Services
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